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What Should I Do?

Please meet me 5:30 pm tonight at Shore Diner and help me decide.   I know it’s short notice.  If you can’t make it, please email me.  Thanks. GrossmanforCongress.com

The Shore Diner is at 6710 Tilton Road (corner Fire Road by Parkway Exit #36), Egg Harbor Township/Northfield, NJ.  LibertyAndProsperity.com will hold a special dinner discussion in the back room, and I will be there.   The meeting, like all Liberty and Prosperity breakfast discussions,  is open to anyone who supports traditional American principles of Liberty and the U.S. Constitution.   I will be there.

When I decided to run as a Republican for Congress in 2d District to replace retiring Frank LoBiondo, I knew that Republicans in NJ only win when Trump and “Tea Party” conservatives work together with Establishment Republicans.   That is how Christine Todd Whitman won in 1993/1997.  That is how Chris Christie won in 2009, and how Sam Fiocchi won freeholder seat in Cumberland County in 2011.  It is how Donald Trump won our Congressional District in 2016.

Republicans did poorly last year when Establishment Republicans ignored Trump conservatives, rejected Jack Ciattarelli, and put sure-loser Kim Guadagno at the top of their ticket.

For that reason, I participated in the Republican Establishment convention process.   I spoke at dozens of Republican clubs and conventions throughout South Jersey.   Although I won the support of many Republicans there, I did not win the support of many Republican Establishment leaders.   As a result, I will not appear in the “Regular Republican” row in any county in the District in the June 5 Primary Election.

Instead the following candidates received “Regular Republican” ballot positions:

Sam Fiocchi:  Cape May County

Brian Fitzherbert:   Half of Gloucester County

Hirsh Singh:   Atlantic County, and roughly 15 small towns in Camden, Burlington, and Ocean Counties

Robert “Never Trump” Turkavage:   Cumberland County

(Salem County chose not to put any candidates for Congress in its “Regular Republican” column when its choice, Jim Toto, withdrew from the race).

However, I will be on the June 5, Primary Election ballot in all counties–unless I choose to remove my name by next week.  That is because some two dozen volunteers got roughly 300 Republican and unaffiliated voters to sign my nominating petition.   I filed that petition when I was in Trenton to speak at the Second Amendment Rally on Monday.

Last Saturday, Atlantic County held its Convention.   It was the last County in the District to choose its “Regular Republican” candidate.  The Atlantic County GOP picked Hirsh Singh.

I hoped that this week, Republican leaders in all eight counties would meet with all candidates to agree on a single Republican candidate to run against Democrat Jeff Van Drew in November.  I am still open to that, although time is running out.

In my opinion, this is the only way Republicans have a chance to keep Frank LoBiondo’s seat.  If we lose this seat, Republicans can easily lose control of the House of Representatives, and put President Donald Trump in danger of impeachment.

So far, I am not aware of any GOP leaders or candidates doing anything to reduce the field to a single candidate.  Even worse, it appears that some Republican leaders are completely disregarding their own Convention selection process.

Last night, the Brigantine Republican Club held let me and all five Republican candidates for Congress speak at its well-attended meeting last night.    Brigantine has one of the strongest GOP clubs in South Jersey.  It had a bigger turnout last night than the Cumberland and Salem County conventions!

The Brigantine Republican Club did not let any candidates for Congress speak at its January or February meetings.  It then postponed its March meeting until last night, AFTER the Republican County Convention.

At last Saturday’s Atlantic County GOP Convention, Brigantine block-voted all of its delegate votes to “Never Trump” Turkavage, a Brigantine resident.   However, Turkavage was not successful, and the Atlantic County Republicans endorsed Hirsh Singh.

In the past, leaders of the Brigantine Republican Club (and all Republican clubs) would have publicly praised Turkavage for running a good campaign.   They would have then publicly urged all members to support Hirsh Singh, the Convention winner.   Privately, they would have warned Turkavage to respect the Convention process and get out of the race.

Republican leaders in Cape May, Cumberland, and Ocean Counties made it clear to their members that only their “Regular Republican” endorsed candidates could speak at Republican clubs after their conventions.

That did NOT happen in Brigantine last night.   Instead, all five candidates, including me, were welcomed to speak as if Saturday’s Convention never happened.

I have no idea what is going on, or why.   I am flattered by those who say that this chaos and a crowded field give me a good chance of winning.    However, this also gives “Never Trump” Turkavage a good chance of winning.    In my opinion,  Turkavage at the top of the Republican ticket would be even worse for county candidates like Frank Formica this year, than Guadagno was for Vince Sera and Brenda Taube last November.

In my opinion, Hirsh Singh and I are the two strongest candidates.   However, each of us would have a much more difficult time defeating Jeff Van Drew in November if we spend the next two months in a contested primary with five candidates.

What should I do?    Liberty and Prosperity called a special dinner to discuss this tonight at 5:30 pm at the Shore Diner.   I know this is very short notice.  However, I invite you to attend   I also invite you to contact me directly to give me your opinion.   I am spending this Passover in Florida and will be away until next Tuesday.  I will have my cell phone, and will check email.

Thank you for your support–and advice.

Seth Grossman


Personal email:   SethGrossman49@gmail.com




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