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EHT Mayor Sonny McCullough & Seth.

The Democrats angered Republicans and independent voters nationwide with their disgusting attempted character assassination of US Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh and doing so awakened a sleeping giant in southern New Jersey who are now backing Seth Grossman for Congress.

Roughly 1,000 small donors contributed over $120,000 to Grossman For Congress in campaign’s 3rd Q.

“The momentum and support now turning out for me is incredible! It mirrors the support that Donald Trump received in 2016 – the everyday, middle class working American who for years has been ignored by the Democratic Party in Washington.

Voters are angry at the treatment Kavanaugh received, and they are angry that Van Drew announced that he would side with his leftwing cronies and not support Kavanaugh,” Grossman said.

Just like with President Trump, people are pulling out their checkbooks and supporting Grossman for Congress.

Sending our campaign whatever they can. Voters see that Washington is broken. They know that I am 100% behind helping President Trump fix it.

Democrats like Van Drew will undo the progress Trump has made.

Van Drew supports killing jobs, tax cuts, skyrocketing economic growth and making the nation safer.

They’re supporting Grossman for Congress with their money and their votes to keep the President’s agenda going.

Van Drew’s disconnect with his constituents includes many of his recent legislative positions as a state senator such as siding with the Democrats voting to include illegal aliens in the 2020 federal census.   That would reward sanctuary cities and states with additional political representation and federal and state funds.

Seth Grossman and Jeff Van Drew are facing off in New Jersey’s 2nd Congressional District.

Donald Trump won the New Jersey 2nd Congressional district by five points in the 2016 election.


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