I'm Back, Rested, and In the Race. - Seth Grossman 1776

I’m Back, Rested, and In the Race.

Last week, I went to Trenton to speak at the Second Amendment Rally.   Then I filed my petitions with the Division of Elections.  My name will be on the June 5 Republican Primary Election ballot for 2d District Congress.  During the previous three weeks,  not a single County Republican organization endorsed me.  I will not be in their “Regular Republican” columns with other endorsed candidates.   My name will instead appear in a separate column with the slogan “Liberty & Prosperity MAGA Republican”.

Above Image is Sample Primary Election Ballot from Hunterdon County in 2016.

It is very hard to win a primary election without county organization endorsements and “Regular Republican” ballot position.  When I did it 30 years ago, I won a freeholder nomination by only a single vote.   Republican freeholder John Risley is the only other person I know who did it in Atlantic County.

Because of this, I asked for, and listened to your advice last week.  I was at the special LibertyAndProsperity.com dinner discussion at the Shore Diner last Wednesday.   I got dozens of phone calls, emails, and Facebook messages.   I then went away for a long Passover/Easter weekend and did a lot of thinking.

I decided to stay in the race.    Here’s why.

There will be a contested Republican primary for the next two months whether I drop out or not.  There are four other Republican candidates. None of them has any interest in dropping out to support someone else.

Two of those four other candidates are smart, educated young men who are the future of our movement.  However, at this time they lack experience and knowledge of certain important issues. I have been a good sparring partner for them.   They both learned a lot from me and LibertyAndProsperity.com during the past six weeks.   I think they will learn more and become even better candidates if I stay in the race.

We conservatives, Trump supporters, and members of LibertyAndProsperity.com need to know–and show– how strong we are.  I think  our radio messages, postcards,  Facebook posts, and emails reached and persuaded many voters throughout South Jersey.  However, we have not been active in local Republican politics.   Because of this, I believe many local Republican leaders are not giving us the respect we and our ideas deserve   If I win the June 5 Primary Election, we will get that respect.   If we do poorly, it is better to know we are weaker than we think so we can do things differently.

The June 5 Primary Election offers conservatives a unique opportunity to win. Usually, we are divided and the Establishment is united. In the past, conservative candidates in South Jersey only won 10% to 25% of the vote and were easily defeated by the Establishment candidate.   This year, there are five Establishment candidates, and I am the only MAGA conservative in the race.   With your help, we can get 35% to 40% of the vote and win.

Our issues are important. No other Republican candidate is running on these

Make America Great Again (MAGA)  issues:


1.  Enforce Immigration Laws. Reduce Legal Immigration to Sustainable Levels.

2.  Repeal Remaining Obamacare Mandates that Needlessly Drive Up Cost of Health Insurance.

3.  Allow Americans to Protect Themselves. Allow Schools to do Everything Possible to Protect Our Children.

4.  Help President Trump Do His Job. No More Fake Impeachment Charges, Obstruction, or “Resistance”.

5.  Stop Funding Public Schools and Colleges that Teach Our Children to Hate Our Constitution and America’s Culture of “Unalienable Rights” and Individual Liberty.


Here is some of the help I need during the next two months to win on June 5.  Please let me if you can apply your time and talent in one or more of these ways:


  1. Research Campaign Organization and Techniques via YouTube Tutorials and Google.
  2. Plan and Budget Mail Campaigns.
  3. Plan and Budget Radio Campaigns.
  4. Systematically Check, Respond, and Re-Post to Facebook, Twitter, etc
  5. Set up meetings where I can speak, and identify key people I should contact for financial support or other help
  6. Repackage material for publication as Letter to Editor
  7. Identify and secure locations for Lawn Signs near where you live.
  8. Design Lawn Signs and Literature.


  1. Make phone calls asking for support
  2. Display a lawn sign on your home, or persuade a neighbor with a better location to do so.
  3. Distribute literature.
  4. Invite me to speak to groups and individuals of groups your are in.
  5. Tell me of people you know who would donate $10 or more if I would ask them.
  6. Submit letters to editor for publication.


Be part of my “kitchen cabinet”.   I need a cross-section of voters meet with me once or twice a week to suggest ideas and give feedback–or keep in touch online.    Although all 435 Congressional Districts have roughly 650,000 people, our 2d District of NJ is geographically one of the biggest in America.  I have limited time, no professional staff, and cannot possibly know of, or respond to every meeting, attack, or opportunity.   However, if you provide me with helpful information as you learn of it,  I can respond instantly and look like a  a genius.

Please contact me to suggest other things that need to be done.    Please let me know what days and times are best for you to attend.

I would like to have weekly campaign “kitchen cabinet” meetings every Saturday from 8:30 am to 9:15 am at the back room of the Shore Diner, Tilton and Fire Roads, by Parkway Exit 36, Northfield/Egg Harbor Township.  The first campaign meeting will be  this Saturday, April 7.   If you cannot attend at that day, time, and place on a regular basis, please suggest an alternate day, time and place.



Seth Grossman


453 Shore Road

Somers Point, NJ  08244

(609) 927-7333

Personal Email:  sethgrossman49@gmail.com

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