Atlantic City Democrats Pause In-Fighting for New Protest Duties. - Seth Grossman 1776

Atlantic City Democrats Pause In-Fighting for New Protest Duties.

Atlantic City Democrats decided to pause their crazy in-fighting for a bit. They’re calling a temporary truce in a quest to recall embattled Atlantic City Mayor, Frank Gilliam.

Atlantic City Democrats have issued another ‘Call To Arms’. Energized by the likes of Maxine Waters, the AC Dems are pumped. Woo-hoo. Is it true? $20 bucks and a free lunch? All ya gotta do is yell and scream?

Members of the dysfunctional Atlantic City Democratic Party told their [zombie robots] supporters to demonstrate against Seth Grossman and the five Republican freeholders. Hey, why not. These professional activists have plenty of time on their hands.

Atlantic City and Atlantic County Democrats Unhinged.

Dems are gearing up for a season of traveling outrage and protest. Branding everything as racist is a full time job. It also deflects away from the DEMS blatant disregard for the hard working, local families of South Jersey.

Remember that embarrassing squabble where Gilliam ‘mis-handled’ a $10,000 check from Chief County Democrat, Micheal Suleiman?

Watch this embarrassing, yet very revealing peak into the dysfunctional, Atlantic County Democratic Party:

Atlantic County, under the watchful eye of Exec Denny Levinson, enjoys one of the best county governments in New Jersey.

Republican leadership gives us efficient, cost-effective government with low county taxes. In normal times, Republican freeholders Frank Formica and Maureen Kern would have no trouble getting re-elected. These are not normal times.

Camden and Gloucester County Democrats are spending a fortune to buy this election. They’ve been after our casino tax money for years. They want to grab, jack-up, and milk our government contracts. Typical liberal stuff.

Atlantic City and Atlantic County Democrats are using radical Obama/Clinton Democrats to do their dirty work.

Democratic radicals don’t care about taxes, spending, or government debt. They’ve been getting a free ride for decades. They want control of government to advance their radical, socialist, hate-America agenda. Your see, hate is a good business model for this new, ultra-left….slowly becoming more socialist everyday.

Years ago, Democrats were never like this. Today’s Dems are not like the John F. Kennedy Democrats we grew up with in the 60’s. Today’s left uses dirty money and the same tactics that Saul Alinsky copied from the Communists who overthrew the world’s largest democracy in Russia, just over 100 years ago.

Today’s Obama/Clinton Democrats use fake issues and emotion instead of facts. They Cry. Scream. Accuse. Facts are not needed.

Democrats win elections by dividing people into small groups. Identity politics. Force good people to fight over just about anything. Make them hate each other. Indeed, Obama, the ‘Divider in Chief’, would be proud.

The Democratic crazy train keeps on rolling.

Dems now want to change the title of ‘freeholder’. It’s ‘racist’ they claim. They want to change the title to ‘county commissioner’.

Sheesh. They’re using fake history to falsely claim the term ‘freeholder’ is a racist term that promotes institutional racism and misogyny.

Wanna know the truth? The term ‘Freeholder’ once meant ‘landowner’. This was at a time when only landowners paid taxes. The word ‘freeholder’ is really an old-fashioned word for “taxpayer”. The Dems can’t let that little fact get in the way of a good protest.

Democrats are skilled at calling anyone they disagree with…a racist.

It’s true. Seth Grossman talks about tough topics. In today’s world of easily triggered snowflakes, Seth is politically in-correct. So is President Trump. Sometimes ya gotta break few eggs to make a good omelette.

We’ll admit, it’s not easy to speak openly and honestly about diversity; quotas for work and college, immigration, and radical Islam. Tough topics for sure.

Having an honest conversation about diversity is made more difficult when bused-in protesters start screaming, crying and breaking things.

Seth Grossman is not afraid to identify real problems, and suggest real solutions.

Seth Grossman is accused of making comments that are ‘offensive’ to the easily offended. However, Middle America finds it offensive when politicians cower, and avoid talking about these important issues.

Back in March 2016, Grossman was criticized for comments made about Islam. Hate groups like Media Matters twisted the truth. They delivered it into the hands of hungry left-wing newspaper reporters. The crooked media  loves this stuff. Pre-written pap, perfect for their dying newspapers.

Media Matters, NYT, CNN and other propaganda media never let facts get in the way. They ignored the truth: a kind and gentle Muslim shop owner named Asad Shah was brutally murdered in Scotland for not being Muslim enough. Grossman talked about that murder because he’s concerned the same thing will happen here in America, if we don’t act soon.

Wanna learn more about this sad story? Carefully read the statement of the murderer.

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  1. Seth, I live in Ventnor and Margate area born and raised in South Philly I have lived down here since 2006, I am bout to be a certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor and work Part-Time at a Yoga Studio in Margate, I come from big strong Itailian-Irish Catholic Family, am a former Mummer and Strong Not Afraid to Speak my Mind Conservative Donald Trump Republican!! Im 40yrs old but grew up with My Family holding rally’s for the late Great Frank Rizzo Sr. Keeping a hold on the House is Vital for the Trump Agenda so it is imperative that we hold this seat. U Must Win this Race. Just wanted to say You have Support from Me and my Family and Friends if you need any input or help feel free to reach out.

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